Out and about showing off to the States on a motorcycle.

It’s just Bike and I experiencing day to day randomness of tramping America; old and new roads, strangers, temp jobs, cops, roadside fixes, squatting… Being young, dumb and pretty much broke helps, but it’s not necessary to have deep pockets to travel by motorbike. The way I go about definitely requires being minimal and frugal and don’t get me wrong, there are splurges. But the everyday living on the road has been the cheapest entertainment and honesty I have ever experienced. $20 a day is the general aim to spend on fuel, food and merriment. Self financed by working here and there when money is necessary. The two of us don’t need too much other than the basic necessities man and machine require.

We ride slow and stop often, with open mind and little plans other than seeing what’s over there in our wide open backyard.